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    I just want to let you know that your support forum is sending notification emails for the wrong posts sometimes (in fact, so far in my experience it is only batting .500 – two of the four notifications I have received were wrong). I first posted the question at: After Harry J wrote his first answer, the system sent me an email with this content:

    Hello! A new answer is posted by Tim S on Answer: Link:

    I was fortunate that my question was still in the list of five most recent questions, because there doesn’t seem to be any way to list more than five, and search does not seem to search the forum but only the documentation articles. After that, subsequent emails for that question (one comment and one answer from Harry) were correct.

    Then, a friend of mine (whom I’m helping with his site) asked a question, got a response, and I then joined in the conversation with a post of my own – that conversation is here: The next response from Christopher M was followed by the following email:

    Hello! A new answer is posted by Carlos E on Answer: Link:

    Once again, that’s a random thread that has nothing to do with me. Once again, I was lucky to find the correct thread among the most recent five listed in the sidebar.

    I thought you would want to know so you can troubleshoot it. And as a feature request, I also suggest that you include a way to see more than the five most recent questions, preferably with both a list to browse and a search form. That would make it more like other forums. I think that would save you money, because we users can help answer each other’s questions (I just now helped another user with something I had figured out yesterday for myself, because I happened to notice it in the recent five), and we can also perhaps find answers in other conversations and not have to ask you at all. It’s a win-win.

    Finally, another feature request that would make it more usable and more like other forums would be a way to edit a post we just submitted – as soon as I submitted my first question I noticed that “Hydra” was mistyped as “Hyrda”, but I was unable to fix it. Another time, a couple minutes after submitting additional information, I solved something and wanted to either edit what I had posted or add a comment to say that I solved that detail, but I could not, because apparently I cannot add a comment while the previous post is still awaiting moderation. Just some ideas for improvement.


    Good morning,

    Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate your taking time to provide it. The email issue has seemed to begin recently and we’re working on fixing it. Please accept out apologies for all of the emails.  You are correct the site, only displays 5 most recent questions in the right column widget. If you go to:

    You will be able to see a running list of every question as well. I understand it’s not a well-publicized link. We’ll work on adding it to the site so it can easily be found and referenced. We certainly appreciate you helping others in the forum as well.

    Thanks again!

    Tim S


    I’ve been getting these emails for a month now. There is no way to unsubscribe. No way to access any profile to uncheck this. It’s very irritating. Please do something 🙁

    Thank you! 🙂


    Huh? What do you mean by “restricted content”, Nikolay?

    Anyway, for Tim S and the developers: In case another data point is useful, here is a random email I got about 6 hours ago:

    Hello! A new answer is posted by JohnPaul B on Answer: Link:

    Arnel C

    Hello Karen,


    Sorry for the confusion with the notifications.  I have talked with the manager about it and we are looking into the issue with our development team.


    If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Kindest regards,
    Arnel C.

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