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    Lisa Fox

    I have hit a brick wall with my site and now going backwards not forwards.

    It was going well, looking fabulous on desktop but on mobile it wasnt it doesnt reflow correctly. On the home page my text over runs out of the container and off the page.
    I try and centre but it keeps defaulting to left align.

    On the get involved page which appears to be 3 columns from one of your BG blocks, looks fab on desktop but the columns flow on mobile to about one word per line.

    Dont know what Im doing wrong? I thought the theme was responsive, am I going to have to reset this myself for mobile? FYI Im on google chrome on desktop and safari on mobile (iphone)

    Jesse Owens

    Hello Lisa-

    Thanks for reaching out, I know it’s frustrating to feel like you’re going backwards. Crio is a responsive theme, but it does look like there’s a bug in the way the buttons are scaling down.

    I checked out your “Get Involved” page, and it looks like you’ve already solved the issue with the one-word narrow columns, but I can see that your button text is still running off the screen. I’ve reported the bug with the buttons so our developers can fix that in the future.

    Here’s how you can fix it right now. Navigate to Customize > CSS/JS Editor and paste this snippet into your CSS Code:

    a.btn { white-space: normal; height: unset; min-height: 40px; }
    Lisa Fox

    Thanks Jesse for your advice with the buttons. I will give that a try.

    But this didnt answer my query about why the text is running off out of the container. It doesnt do this in mobile view on wordpress but when viewed on an actual mobile it does run off.
    Also the containers are set to centre and they are on desktop and mobile view but again on an actual mobile they sit to the left.

    I didnt actually want the list columns to be so narrow on the mobile view, I think one or two words per line looks rather unprofessional.

    I am creating this for a non profit and as they have an event coming up it needs to be correct and published. Would you recommend another theme … if so can you suggest a similar one.
    I thought it was me, I really want expecting bugs to be totally honest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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