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    I would like to add a font to the BoldGrid theme I am using for use in my headers, is that possible? If so, how?



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    Hello Lisa,

    Thank you for your question regarding adding a font to your BoldGrid site.  There is currently no way to add a custom font to BoldGrid, but we do have a lot of options available already.  I would recommend checking to see if one may be close enough to your desired font to be used for your site.


    Casey B.

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    Thanks, I found something but nothing that I am crazy about.


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    So it’s impossibleto this, even by modifiying the css sheet?

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    There are two alternate methods. I recommend the second one, but I provide both here.

    It is possible if you are familiar with how to add fonts with CSS. First, you must create a child theme. (We have our own guide on how to create child themes specifically for BoldGrid coming out soon.) In the meantime, it is best advised to get some help from a WordPress developer.

    Once you have your child theme ready, you can add any popular font library. I recommend Google’s font library because their servers are very reliable.

    Basically, you will add support for this font to the main index file for the theme (this example is for the “Assistant” font family, but you can select whichever font you want): <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”>

    Then you will add this code to the CSS stylesheet (again for the “Assistant” font): font-family: ‘Assistant’, sans-serif;

    The second method follows:

    You can also add fonts you are hosting on your own server. For example, if you find and download the .ttf or .otf file for a font, you can upload these files to your server and add the following CSS support via the custom code editors.

    @font-face {font-family: custom;
    src: url(;

    Now you are effectively hosting the font in your own server. Then all you need to do is select the element you want to change. For example, if you want to change the font for the paragraph elements, you can add this code:

    p { font-family: custom;}

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    I am trying to add a bold quotation mark but it is not showing in the page.  Maybe I am incorrect in the process.  Please assist me.  Phyllis

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    I used the plug-in:  Use Any Font.  I think it was free, but I only had one font I wanted to use.  It works just fine.

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    Jesse Owens

    Hi Tanya!
    Thank you very much for the info. Here’s the link to the Use Any Font Plugin, for anyone finding this topic.

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