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    babak parsi

    I needed to disable WordPress Cronjob on my site and istead I use Server cronjob.
    Kindly advise if I need to add something regarding W3total Cache to the Server’s Cronjob or your plugin works properly with disabled WordPress cronjob?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Babak-

    W3 Total Cache uses WP Cron for several features, including updating your CDN as well as cleaning up and priming the various caches.

    If your server has wp-cli available, you see the cron jobs your W3 Total Cache configuration is currently using by running the command:

    wp cron schedule list

    Then, you can make server cron jobs to run the following commands based on the schedules you saw in the list above. If one of the events is running at an interval of “0,” that means it is disabled and you don’t have to include it.

    wp cron event run w3_cdn_cron_queue_process
    wp cron event run w3_dbcache_cleanup
    wp cron event run w3_fragmentcache_cleanup
    wp cron event run w3_minify_cleanup
    wp cron event run w3_objectcache_cleanup
    wp cron event run w3_pgcache_cleanup
    wp cron event run w3_pgcache_prime
    wp cron event run w3_cdn_cron_upload
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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