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    Hi, I am new to Bold grid.
    I just bought an upgrade to Premium, and that’s what it says on my subscription page. However, on my key page, there are two keys. One is obviously the free key. But when I try to enter the new (I think, there is no form of identification or date), I just get this message:

    “Thank you for activating the Post & Page Builder Premium! Before you can begin using all of the premium features, you must add your premium key. If you are using an Official BoldGrid Host, contact them or login to their management system to retrieve your Premium key. Otherwise, please visit BoldGrid Central to upgrade.”

    I have followed the instruction on going to Boldgrid central to find key, and register via Boldgrid connect. But no luck, I keep running in circles.
    Where do I go wrong?

    My WordPress is hosted by my ISP.

    Brandon C

    Hi Grethe,

    Thanks for reaching out and thank your for your recent upgrade to BoldGrid Post and Page Builder premium!

    In addition to the new Connect Key you received you should also see a new Post and Page Builder Premium plugin available from the “Plugins” section of your BoldGrid Central account. You want to make sure you have this extension installed and activated on your WordPress site as well.

    If you think there’s some issue with your new connect key reach out to BoldGrid Premium Support directly and we can help you correct this issue there. Premium support is a private forum where we can access and share your account information.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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