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    Andrew Goldthorpe

    Dear Sirs
    Since I loaded your W3 total cache plugin, I have not been able to edit my website which runs a Colibri skin. When I try to, the page hangs and never loads.
    I am now in a dilemma because I tried unloading your plugin on another site of mine,, and since that attempt, every time I refreshed the page, the site was unreachable as there was an attempt to download In desperation, I reinstalled your plugin and the issue disappeared.

    I now have no faith that uninstalling your plugin wont cause all sorts of problems on both sites.

    Please can you advise how to uninstall your plugin safely from both sites?

    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello Andrew,

    I am sorry about the issue you are experiencing and I am happy to assist you with this.
    These are the configuration problems. You may be having some other plugins or manual rules that are in conflict with the W3 Total Cache settings and only a couple of tweaks can resolve the problems.
    For your first question, and ion order to determine to the source of the problem, can you please disable the settings one by one in Performance>general settings, save the settings and purge the cache after each setting is disabled, and see which one might be causing the issue?

    As for the .gz problem, The problem with downloading gzip files is probably that there already is a configuration in the setup that handles gzip files. If you enable gzip in Performance => Browser Cache => HTML & XML, the configuration gets messed up and the browser will download a gzip file in situations like yours. Disabling the gzip option in Performance => Browser Cache => HTML & XML will probably solve this issue.
    You can also define W3TC_PAGECACHE_STORE_COMPRESSION_OFF constant that allows not to generate _gzip and similar files. It helps in the cases when the server configuration
    doesn’t allow mime type overwrites so cached content ends up with browser
    download action.
    It’s located in /wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/PgCache_ContentGrabber.php line 1191

    if ( defined( ‘W3TC_PAGECACHE_STORE_COMPRESSION_OFF’ ) ) {
    return $compressions;

    You just need to add define(‘W3TC_PAGECACHE_STORE_COMPRESSION_OFF’, true);

    to the wp-config.php file.
    Please let us know if this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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