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    I’ve just been trying to login to WP Admin today and it just won’t work.

    It just displays a blank white screen, sometimes it’ll do the StackPath verification and once that’s done still display the blank screen. This happens when I try to navigate to the File Manager section too.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Jesse Owens

    Hello Toby-

    Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for using Cloud WordPress.

    It looks like a fatal error in your site’s theme was causing the issue:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in .../wp-content/themes/rareradio/functions.php on line 754

    We swtiched your active theme to twentytwentyone so that you can regain access to your site.


    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for sorting that. In a related issue the theme developers have been trying to sort out the problem from their end however their ‘fix’ caused this banner to appear in both the admin & user facing sides of the site.

    Is it possible to get it removed on the backend, the developers asked before their able to work on a another issue?

    Thanks in advance.



    BoldGrid seems to be flagging imgur images – it was giving me ‘Access Denied’ messages on a number of devices & emails.

    Joseph W

    Hi Toby!

    I was able to switch the Active theme on that Cloud installation back to Twenty Twenty-One and this has restored the usability of your WordPress dashboard. Hopefully your developer will now be able to access the dashboard again and correct the issue that caused the banner to appear.

    Where are you seeing the Access Denied messages in regards to the imgur images? Do the messages appear when attempting to upload the files or is it happening somewhere else?


    Hi Joseph,

    So is the issue because of something going wrong with the theme then? I need the active theme to be the one that they’re working on so I’ve switched it back.

    The root of this issue was the theme customizer locking. Unfortunately the most recent backup I made was 4 weeks ago. Is it possible for you guys to reset a second instance I have – – to the whatever the status of the main one – – on the 19th of July?

    I have a feeling the issue might be because of the latest WordPress update to so I’d like to check that on a new install.

    (The upload limit is also too small for the four week old backup too unfortunately! Just problems everywhere)

    The ‘Access Denied’ would show up when I click ‘Submit’, it just redirects me to the StackPath page with that. I put a link to the image inside the ‘IMG’ tag and when I took it out the post went through fine.


    Joseph W

    Hi Toby!

    I definitely believe that the problem is related to the theme. I am no longer able to get the WordPress dashboard to load on now that the active theme has been switched back to the one your developer is working on. We are happy to change it back to Twenty Twenty-One again if your developer needs to get access to the WordPress dashboard for that website, just let us know if you would like us to make that switch again for you!

    Unfortunately we do not keep any snapshots of Cloud WordPress installations and we are unable to change into a clone of the build of from July 19. The file size upload limits for Cloud WordPress installations is also locked and cannot be modified. If that backup file was created with our WordPress backup plugin Total Upkeep then you should be able to transfer it to the other Cloud WordPress installation using the Download Link option in that plugin.

    Thank you for clarifying the image problem and I think I know exactly what you are referring to! Our forum software only allows Administrator users to post media content, like images, in forum responses and that is most likely why you were getting the Access Denied message. One workaround is to include a direct link to the image on an image hosting, such as, instead of attempting to embed the media content in your forum post.

    Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help Toby!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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