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    Paul Carr

    I created submenu by indenting the desired page to be a submenu. I’ve published the change, it doesn’t work. I get the carot to show there’s a sub menue but when I click on the page the link fades into the background and doesn’t bring up the subpage. What am I not doing right?

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Paul-

    Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for using one of our Platinum WordPress Hosting partners, DreamHost.

    I took a look at your site, and I can see what you mean. When you hover over a sub-menu, it appears correct, but as soon as you click on it some JavaScript moves the menu item “behind” the main menu items on the second row below.

    This behavior is a part of your theme, X Blog, and it’s tough to speculate what’s going on with that. I tried several different modifications using the z-index property of the submenu, but in any case it reacted as soon as the sub-menu item was clicked.

    I’d recommend reaching out in X Blog’s Support Forum to see if they’re able to offer a solution.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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