Reposting this since there’s no chance to reply to the “answer” other than a comment that cannot be viewed unless logged in.

Like many other people – I am having problems with fonts not changing.  When selected the paragraph or words show as the default font in the text setting box [the box that literally says “Text Settings” on the title/menu bar], but the text markup box clearly shows another font.  From what I can tell it is due to cutting and pasting from other documents (e.g. .doc) into the website.  This text gets stuck in whatever font it was on the original .doc files.  Is there a way to override this, other than go into the text editor on every paragraph and change it?

Further Clarification:

This is a new install and had only one plugin which wasn’t in use. Deleting it solved nothing – of course. I’ve put a video on the site demonstrating the problem, but there’s multiple spots throughout where it recurs – mostly the font won’t change but size will, although one paragraph is stuck in italics. http://catshowyoulearn.com/the-problem/