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    Yvette van den Brand

    When I create custom colors for a boldgrid page it automatically reverts back to the standard colors. Have tried multiple times via Global Colours and every time the standard blue colors come back. How can I fix this? Thanks!

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Yvette-

    Thanks for reaching out, and for using the Post and Page Builder for WordPress.

    I’ve tested the color palette with several other themes and I can’t create the same behavior you’re describing. It’s possible that this is being caused by a conflict with another plugin, or possibly the ListingPro theme itself.

    Can you list the other active plugins you’re using? You can grab an easy-to-copy list from Tools > Site Health > Info. 

    Another thing to check is you’re browser’s error console while you’re changing the palette and saving your post. Here’s a quick video on how to access the error console:


    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your reply. Here is the list of my plugins:

    BoldGrid Easy SEO Version 1.6.10 by BoldGrid <> | Auto-updates enabled
    BoldGrid Gallery Version 1.5.1 by <> | Auto-updates enabled
    BoldGrid Inspirations Version 2.6.1 by BoldGrid <> | Auto-updates enabled
    DreamHost Panel Login Version 1.0.0 by DreamHost, danielbachhuber | Auto-updates disabled
    Elementor Version 3.1.1 by (Latest version: 3.1.4) | Auto-updates enabled
    Font Awesome Version 4.0.0-rc21 by Font Awesome | Auto-updates enabled
    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights Version 7.16.2 by MonsterInsights | Auto-updates enabled
    Ivory Search Version 4.5.11 by Ivory Search | Auto-updates enabled
    ListingPro Ads Version 1.2 by CridioStudio (Dev Team) | Auto-updates disabled
    ListingPro Plugin Version 2.5.13 by CridioStudio (Dev Team) | Auto-updates disabled
    ListingPro Reviews Version 1.2 by CridioStudio (Dev Team) | Auto-updates disabled
    MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Version 4.8.3 by ibericode | Auto-updates enabled
    Nextend Social Login Version 3.0.27 by Nextendweb | Auto-updates enabled
    Post and Page Builder Version 1.14.0 by BoldGrid <> | Auto-updates enabled
    Post and Page Builder Premium Version 1.0.5 by BoldGrid | Auto-updates enabled
    Redux Version 4.1.24 by + Dovy Paukstys | Auto-updates enabled
    Total Upkeep Version 1.14.11 by BoldGrid | Auto-updates enabled
    Total Upkeep Premium Version 1.5.7 by BoldGrid | Auto-updates enabled
    WP Mail SMTP Version 2.6.0 by WPForms | Auto-updates enabled
    WP Super Cache Version 1.7.1 by Automattic | Auto-updates enabled

    I will try to save it with the error console too and post the results here.

    Joseph W

    Hi Yvette!

    I created a testing installation with as many of those plugins as I could and was unable to replicate the issue with the Global Options Color Palette selections not updating properly.

    Can you file a premium support ticket or email our support team directly and reference this thread so our team can assist further with this? The problem could be coming from one of the premium plugins or themes installed on your website that we do not have copies of and our Premium Support team should be able to figure out a resolution.

    We look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Yvette-

    Thanks for this! I tried out the plugins in this list that would have obvious impacts on the editor, including WP Super Cache, Redux Framework, Elementor, and Font Awesome, and I wasn’t able to recreate the error.

    I’m not able to test out the ListingPro plugins or the ListingPro theme since they’re commercial products, so if you’re able to find any errors in your Browser Console, that could lead us to our next clue.

    Since you’re a DreamHost customer, you can also reach out to our Premium Support team so we can take a closer look for you.


    Thanks for the replies! I found a way around it and it works now. When I update the global colours and then start editing the page with Elementor without saving it, then go back to the WordPress editor and then update it, the chosen colors work!

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Yvette-

    Nice work finding a workaround! That info might actually help us narrow down the issue, thanks for that.

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