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    Doug Campbell

    We ran into an issue this morning (after our website host “upgraded” our site to a one-click wordpress install). We have a CSS file loading from the post and page builder plugin that in the past only loaded when editing the site.

    The CSS file is located here: /wp-content/plugins/post-and-page-builder/assets/css/editor-fe.min.css?ver=1.14.0

    The name makes me think the CSS is for a front-end editor, but the CSS is being called even for users who are not logged in.

    The line of CSS is: .row>*{max-width:100%;} (which is breaking our column layouts)

    I have commented out that line for now, but I’m curious if you have seen this behavior before and if you have any suggestions as to how I can avoid having this issue recur.

    Many thanks for any help you can provide,

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Doug-

    Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for using the Post and Page Builder plugin for WordPress.

    The file editor-fe.min.css is supposed to improve the Post and Page Builder’s compatibility with non-BoldGrid themes, but it looks like your theme, Liquid, doesn’t work well with it.

    I tested out your site with the entire CSS file commented out, and I didn’t see anything affected by it, so I’m guessing your theme already handles everything in that file. There hasn’t been an update to the plugin lately, so I’d have to guess this change might have actually been an update in the Liquid theme.

    Your solution will work for now, but it will be overwritten the next time you update the Post and Page Builder plugin, and if your host does automatic updates we might want a more permanent way to fix it for you.

    One good way you can accomplish this is with a small PHP Snippet to disable that CSS file.

    You can do that with a plugin like Code Snippets. Add a new snippet, and paste this code into it:

    add_action( 'boldgrid_editor_scripts_public', function() {
    }, 11 );

    When you save and activate it, I highly recommend enabling the option to Only run once just in case there are any typos, and then you can enable it everywhere going forward.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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