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    Hispasec Sistemas

    This is Jaime Torres from Hispasec Sistemas, an international IT security company.

    I’m contacting you because we have detected a fraudulent domain for SCAM registered on your services. Since it is violating the terms of service you offer as a registrar, you could suspend it to prevent more fraudulent activities.

    Fraudulent domain:

    * hxxps://demo3[.]cloudwp[.]dev/trial-7zt6z245/wp-content/plugins/se/

    It is a very important and urgent issue: this fraudulent site is being used for a SCAM attack in order to deceive users and obtain their private information or subscribe them to Premium services. The attacker is impersonating the official entity La Caixa and is offering fake vouchers and prizes that are not authorised by the official company. Therefore, this is an illegal activity firstly because the main intention is to illegally obtain online users’ personal information, and secondly, because the attacker is using the official entity’s brand image and brand name without the official authorisation.

    Please, disable the fraudulent domain name as soon as possible, or point it to an invalid IP. Thank you in advance.

    Brandon C

    Hi Hispasec Sistemas,

    Thanks for reaching out although I sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. The is now managed by InMotion Hosting.

    You should report your case using the following links for direct correspondence:

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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