I have recently changed hosting companies moving from Inmotion Hosting to A2 Hosting. One of my domains uses the BoldGrid theme.

Now that it is hosted at A2, some of the functionality is missing. E.G. after creating a new page using the “News” theme, the camera icon is missing that is needed to change an image and the grid lines do not appear.

A2 support have advised that I need to contact you to obtain a free Connect key to allow us to regain functionality that would be there if the site had been created from scratch on A2 Hosting via Softaculous.

I have also seen with similar QnA on this website that you can’t apply a new key to an existing site and that the theme must be reinstalled.

Since the theme was originally installed via Softaculous how do I do this? I can install a new domain account in my A2 reseller hosting account and install BoldGrid as the theme in Softaculous as an option when installing WordPress and that gives me a form to request a free Connect key, but how can I do this with an imported existing site?