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    Hey Total Cache team! Hopefully, this email finds you well.
    We have encountered a problem, or rather – a roadblock when we try to configure the group cache on our website (campus.gov.il).
    Whenever we use cookie-cache for logged-in users, the page updates correctly.
    Whenever we log out and delete the cookie, as a part of the “log-out” process of our website, we receive the regular cache that isn’t a part of the log-in group.

    Although, when we are returned to the “normal” state, as in, logging out -> reconnecting (and supposedly, adding the cookie of a logged-in user) we will receive a cache befitting a logged-out user rather than a logged-in user, yet the cookie is still added correctly.

    We have only recently purchased your plugin, and struggle a bit with such configurations. Previously, my DevOps employee has contacted you but we are yet to receive some kind of response from your team (it has been way over a week or two now).

    We would really appreciate your help with this matter, as it means a lot to us and for the sake of the continued use of your plugin.
    Looking forward to your response and hoping you have a great rest of the week!

    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello Oren,

    Thank you for reaching out.
    I replied to your email on May 26, 2022, via the W3 Total Cache support channel, and the email used was oren@ however we never received a reply. I am not sure how your email was configured so you may want to check your spam folder.
    If I understand correctly once the cookie is used and the user is logged in, the user receives the cookie-based cache. And once the user is logged out, the cache is no longer based on a cookie if I understand correctly, which seems to be normal behavior.
    If I did not understand this correctly, please share more information and details.

    Ido Leybovitch

    Hi @Marko,
    Concerns about the behavior of the cache,
    After I log out and delete the cookie of the logged-in user I get the cache of an offline user, then I can no longer accept the cache of a logged-in user after logging in, even if I add back the cookie of a logged-in user.

    I hope now it’s a little more understandable
    Thank you very much and have a good week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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