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    I am using your boldgrid-lynx theme on a WordPress hosted on DreamHost. The theme seemed properly translated but, on the blog part, the “posted” and “comments” strings are still in English (i am Italian).

    Loco Translate says that some additional files were found, but you need to go to the config page due to a partial configuration.

    The exact error messages states

     Partially configured bundle

    This bundle configuration has been detected automatically, but is incomplete.

    •  No translation template for the “boldgrid-linx” text domain
    •  Impossible to link 87 files to a know set of stringsThe advanced configuration panel is way too complicated for me, and under that error message there was a suggestion to ask the theme creator for an xml bundle configuration file to import.

      So here i am. Hoping i am asking support in the correct place, thank you for any kind of support


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    Jesse Owens

    Hi Lenn-

    Currently, we don’t have an Italian Translation, and the only one of our themes that is fully translation-ready is the Crio Theme. You can download Crio directly from this link.

    That said, I’ll do some research into Loco Translate’s XML configuration option and I’ll update you here as soon as I can see if we can set one up for you.

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    Thank you very much for your reply. I totally missed it, i guess i messed up something because i haven’t seen at all the notification (checked trough spam folder as well).

    I hope all your themes can get l10n ready with as less burden as possible on your side, this will increase your userbase (and headscratches i guess).

    Take your time, i’ll double check here regularly.

    Have a good time

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