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    dik van baren

    My site is down (maintenace mode ???) and I cannot get to WordPress and TotalUpkeep backups any more. Please help. I do not mind at all upgrading to premium version if that may be a solution. U really do not maind the money. Thanks for your reply in advance.

    Dik van Baren Netherlands

    Jesse Owens

    Hello Dik-

    Thanks for the question, and thanks for using Total Upkeep WordPress backup plugin.

    First, if your site is displaying the Maintenance Mode “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance, check back in a minute” message, you probably don’t have to restore a backup. Instead, use FTP or your web host’s file manager to locate and delete the file .maintenance in your WordPress site’s root directory. Note that you may need to enable the Show Hidden Files setting in your FTP client or in the file manager you’re using.

    If you do need to restore a backup without access to your Dashboard, you can use Total Upkeep’s command line utilities to do it. Here’s a tutorial with detailed instructions on how to use the command line to restore a backup.

    This feature is available in both the Free and Premium versions of the plugin, you don’t need to upgrade to restore your backups.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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