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    Hello abrigo402,

    Thank you for your question about featured image sliders. Catch Base is not a BoldGrid theme, so I am not sure how to exactly adjust the settings for their slider.

    However, it looks like the theme makes these options available under Appearance > Customize > Featured Content Options. If you are not seeing those menus it may be because you have BoldGrid installed and are using the BoldGrid admin menu system.

    You can change this by navigating to Settings > BoldGrid, and looking for the option titled Reorder Admin Menu. For that option, you can uncheck the box for Use BoldGrid Admin Menu system, making sure to Save Changes.

    Now you should see the customary WordPress admin menu and get access to the Appearance settings for your theme.


    Christopher M.


    I have the Catch Base theme from Boldgrid which already has an image slider. I want to change the demo featured slider to the featured page slider. I have changed the option to the featured page slider, but I do not know how to add images to the featured page slider. How do I make photos show up when I click the featured page slider?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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