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    Question (1) I have both staging and active, when I more than 2 of the same pages on active and send one of them to the trash when I go back to pages my active pages is gone, is this suppose to be happening? Do I need to install a new Inspiration and call it staging and if I do that do I need to change my theme or can I keep the same theme?

    Question (2) should I be using plain permalinks or plain; I’m not of which one, I have been having link issues, some of my page links don’t work on my menu items.

    Thank you in advance of any assistance you can provide.

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    Jesse Owens

    Hi Shirley-

    From what you’ve described, it sounds like you’re using the BoldGrid Staging plugin for your development work. We no longer recommend using this plugin, since we’ve developed the BoldGrid Cloud WordPress staging service.

    Cloud WordPress has several major advantages over the staging plugin.

    • Nothing in your staging site can affect your live site’s functionality.
    • You can test out new features like plugins and different menus.
    • If you make any mistakes that crash the website, your production website is still running on your web host.

    Using Cloud WordPress for staging consists of three main steps (click on the links for detailed instructions):

    1. Clone your website to staging
    2. Make your changes
    3. Deploy your staging website to production

    For your second question, it’s generally best to use some form of “pretty” permalinks, rather than the plain links option. This gives you the ability to use plain language in your URL’s rather than the default “?page_id=1234” format. That said, if your menu is using Custom Links rather than Pages or Posts, you may need to update the links manually in your menu after switching your permalinks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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