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    Is your instructional video updated to the latest version of boldgrid? If not, can you let me know how to do this?
    Here is my issue:

    I’m watching the instructional video – starting at 23:51 :

    at this point you click on a “+” plus sign to search for “wpforms” – when I click on that plus sign, there is not search function, so I’m not sure what to do. Can you help?


    Brandon C

    Hi Helen!

    Thanks so much for reaching out with your questions about BoldGrid Post and Page Builder for WordPress!

    The video you linked in the thread was provided by “WP Beginner” and is strictly for the Astra WordPress theme and WP Forms. It’s also describing how to implement the contact inside of the standard Gutenburg block editor and not our BoldGrid Post and Page Builder.

    In order to successfully implement your contact form the way this video describes you would need to have all mentioned themes and plugins installed and your “page editor” set to use the standard “WordPress Block Editor”.

    If you would like to use a WordPress theme that the integrates 100% with the “BoldGrid Post and Page Builder” you should consider switching to Crio Pro WordPress theme! Crio is our flagship WordPress theme and ships out of the box with over 400 features and customization tools. With Crio you can start with a BoldGrid Inspiration that already has elements incorporated such as contact forms and just modify them to fit your brand.

    We use “We Forms” as our contact form plugin by default but your can use WP Forms or any other contact form plugin you would like. Here’s a guide on incorporating We Forms into your site but it should work just about the same for any contact form.

    I hope this helps. Please reach back out if you have any other questions for us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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