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    Michael Hartstein

    Hi Guys –

    I just upgraded to Total Upkeep Premium in order to get 2 features — backup to Google Drive, and individual file restore — and I’m having problems with both.

    I configured my backup to go to Google Drive and backed up my site. The backup was set *only* to Google Drive — not to my web server or local storage. I see a new folder was created in Google Drive. But when I downloaded it to my local machine it was just an empty 1k file. When I looked at the Total Upkeep Remote Storage info I saw Google Drive listed with an “Upload” button. I clicked on Upload, waited a few minutes, then went back to Google Drive and downloaded it again. Now it is a 753MB file with my website!

    1- When setting the destination to be Google Drive, shouldn’t the backup go directly to Google Drive? Isn’t that the point? But it didn’t. Where did it go?
    2- I want my backups to automatically go to Google Drive. How do I make that happen?


    Michael Hartstein

    Brandon C

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out with your Total Upkeep questions! We can definitely help answer your questions about configuring backups with Google Drive.

    In order for your Google Drive backup to complete Total Upkeep must first create the backup on your web server so that it can be transferred to Drive.

    This particular backup has to be created on the web server but you can set the retention to 1 one ensure that multiple backups are not being stored but there’s no way to actually transfer the backup without first taking it on the web server.

    I hope this helps Michael

    Michael Hartstein

    Hi Brandon –

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I see the Upload button for Google Drive in the Remote Storage section, and it works properly for me. It’s not a big problem for me to manually upload the backup. But as an enhancement suggestion, wouldn’t it be nice if Total Upkeep did this for me? I know it is able to do it because it does for scheduled backups.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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