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    Cecilia M

    I am using the CRIO theme and notice that the footer widgets are labeled as “Inactive.” Also, in the customizer, there are an excessive number of repeated “Menu items & Style” options available. How can make the footer widgets “active” and what is the reason for the repeated “menu items & style” options?
    Thank you

    Brandon C

    Hi Cecilia,

    Thanks for your question about Crio Pro WordPress theme!

    You may have multiple menus/menu items added either in the Appearance<<Menus section or the Crio<<Page Headers section. Check both of those sections and make sure there is no duplicate content.

    Sometimes when you switch themes, install new plugins, or xml data it will add new elements like menus that come as packaged demo data. Often times these added elements will appear as just a bunch of duplicate content. You can delete any menu that you do not have set to a specific location without effecting your site.

    As for footer widgets being inactive on certain pages, each page template that pulls data into your WordPress theme is configured differently and they each have there own widget areas set to display. To enable more widget areas on these templates you would need some knowledge of PHP and the WordPress Template Hierarchy. Here’s a guide from QodeInteractive.com that might help you accomplish that.

    I hope this helps. Please reach back out if you have any other questions or concerns.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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