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    For example, is it like grid paper, where there’s hunderds of little boxes on the page and I drag my content to each box?

    Arnel C


    Thanks for the question about the grid system in BoldGrid.  To put it simply, a BoldGrid site is based on a pre-defined template that you can manipulate to personalize it for your use.  The layout of the website is based on pre-defined GridBlocks.  GridBlocks are simply a pre-defined area (in the shape of a block) that makes up the composition of the pages of your BoldGrid website. The position of the blocks may differ based on the Inspiration in use.  You can edit or manipulate the ones that are in an Inspiration page. The positions of the GridBlocks are changed by dragging them.  You can also select to insert a GridBlock into a page.  When you are editing you have a GridBlock library where you can choose the available GridBlocks.

    The overall system makes it easy to quickly manipulate and modify a website based on existing Inspirations.  The grid system wasn’t made to build a website from scratch.  You are normally working from an existing template that you modify to fit your needs.

    I hope this helps to answer your question!


    If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.




    Arnel C

    I didn’t see a way to add comments, so I’m posting my comment here.

    I’m having a hard time visualizing how the grid system works. I know you said that it wasn’t designed to build pages from scratch, but when I’m editing existing gridblocks it gives me “Add new column” and “Add blank row” options within the editor.

    How do columns work together with rows? Is this like a grid system built off of 4 columns or 10 columns? Am I fixed to the number of columns?

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