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    On my site, I created a new Category of posts (Information), then assigned that category to an existing Post.

    Then I Customize my main Menu by adding that Category as an item, gave that item the title “Living Benefits”, then Published.

    When I browse the site and click on the Living Benefits menu item, it brings up the page “Information”, but has the 404 Not Found error – it did not locate and display the post with that category.

    I also did not find any “Information” page in my list of Pages in my WP Dashboard. Should I be seeing one?

    What did I do wrong? How would I accomplish this, I would like to have several categories of posts and have each set listed on their own blog or posts listing page.

    Thank you very much for your help!


    Jesse Owens

    Hi David-

    WordPress should create a URL for your new categories, known as a “Category Archive,” which by default would be “”. This archive won’t show up in your list of pages- other than the main blog page, archives aren’t actually pages.

    The most common reason that you’d get a 404 for your category archive is that you need to “flush your permalinks.” Navigate to Settings > Permalinks, make a note of your current setting, and switch it to Plain, and click Save Changes. Switch it back to your original settting, and click Save Changes again.

    You can make menu items that point to your different category archives. Another good way to handle this is to create pages for your different categories, and use a Posts List block to display the category you want. This has a few advantages over a category archive, because you can give it a good SEO-Friendly title, as well as control the formatting and design. Here’s a quick video introducing the Posts List block:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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