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    I want to add credits to the Attribution page on my Boldgrid site, which I can access by clicking Special Thanks in the footer, using the Westview theme. Google has led me to plenty of info on REMOVING the Special Thanks link from the footer, but I don’t want to remove it, I want to edit the Attribution page which follows the link and add content to it. In Customizer, clicking the Edit icon next to the Attribution content tells me that I need to edit the page with the Page Editor. However, I  cannot find the Attributions page in my page editor. I can’t even find a file for the Attributions page in my /wp folder. Is it possible to edit this page? Would I have to upgrade my account?

    JohnPaul B

    Hello SHG,

    Thank you for contacting us about editing the Attribution page. Unfortunately, this cannot be edited since it is generated dynamically. You can always create a new page and add your content, or remove/replace it if you have a Premium BoldGrid Key.

    Thank you,



    From what information is the “Special Thanks”/Attributions page generated, please? The images that come default with “BoldGrid MONUMENT” (my chosen Theme) have no data associated with them in the Media bucket, no Captions on their various pages that match what’s given for them on the Attributions page, and nowhere in the WordPress interface is there an indication of how to create this linked-to-its-media data.

    Thank you for the assist. 🙂

    Joseph W

    Hi BeckieSue!

    The information on the Special Thanks/Attribution page is automatically generated for all of the images that are added when installing an Inspiration that have a Creative Commons Attribution license associated with them. All of the images included on that page should appear in your Media Library and the attribution data will be removed automatically from the Special Thanks if the associated image is deleted from the library.

    I hope that helps explain where the content on that page comes from and please let us know if you have any other questions for us!


    Thanks, Joseph, that information helps tremendously.

    Early on, I established a habit of giving credit where due, and I’d hoped an understanding of how this special page is generated would give me the means to include attributions for content and/or support resources acquired beyond the installation phase of website setup, without the necessity of displaying two separate pages (the one dynamic, the other manually created and updated) for the single purpose.

    Do you know if there are plans to include this functionality in an upcoming build?

    ~ BeckieSue

    Jesse Owens

    Hi BeckieSue-

    We didn’t have any plans to include this feature yet, but now that you’ve requested it I have created a Feature Request for our developers to review. Thanks a lot for the feedback!


    Thank you, Jesse!

    Being able to include properly attribute images submitted by my clients or that are shared to me by other artists, and to add a note of due credit for my tech advisor’s company, and even to properly attribute my own images that are used on my blog site will help greatly in the Proper Attribution quest.

    Have an awesome week! 🙂
    ~ BeckieSue

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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