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    I am building a simple site based on a customized version of the basic Twenty Twenty One theme. However, with all of the customization available with the Post and Page Builder, I am having a very difficult time understanding how to change the basic default font size for the body of all new posts? Is there a place this can be defined? I’ve gone so far as to change the global font sizes defined in the theme files (style.css and style-rtl.css) and scale all of them down like so:


    --global--font-size-base: 1.25rem;
    --global--font-size-xs: 1rem;
    --global--font-size-sm: 1.125rem;
    --global--font-size-md: 1.25rem;
    --global--font-size-lg: 1.5rem;
    --global--font-size-xl: 2.25rem;
    --global--font-size-xxl: 4rem;
    --global--font-size-xxxl: 5rem;
    --global--font-size-page-title: var(--global--font-size-xxl);
    --global--letter-spacing: normal;

    --global--font-size-base: 1rem;
    --global--font-size-xs: .75rem;
    --global--font-size-sm: 1.125rem;
    --global--font-size-md: 1rem;
    --global--font-size-lg: 1.25rem;
    --global--font-size-xl: 2rem;
    --global--font-size-xxl: 3rem;
    --global--font-size-xxxl: 4rem;
    --global--font-size-page-title: var(--global--font-size-xxl);
    --global--letter-spacing: normal;

    However, that seems to have no effect on the font size either in the editor or in the preview for the unpublished page. Why is this? Is there another stylesheet somewhere?

    Or is there some setting panel somewhere in WordPress where I can define the text so I don’t have to go block by block and set font sizes for each block of text of the article I am pasting into the editor.

    Please advise.

    Brandon C

    Hi DBA,

    Thanks for reaching out and thank you for using BoldGrid Post and Page Builder for WordPress!

    Global CSS is normally controlled by the theme itself. Often times global controls are built into the WordPress Customizer but I don’t think that’s the case with TwentyTwentyOne . What you could do is try changing global CSS from the built in “CSS customizer” (Appearance<<Customize<<Additional CSS).

    You could use something like this to change all paragraph font size to 12px:

    p {
    font-size: 12px !important;

    Another suggestion, if you’re just getting started in your development process, is looking into switching themes, specifically our Crio Pro WordPress theme theme. Post and Page Builder was created to seamlessly integrate with Crio and there are over 400 fully customizable features included. We have a Free Version of Crio as well if you would like to give it a test drive.

    I hope this helps! Please reach back out to us if you have any other questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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