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    I was recently on my client’s site (about an hour ago) and was able to see it and login through WP Admin. It is a Boldgrid site with Resolve theme and is hosted by InMotion Hosting. After a few minutes, I went to see the live site and it was a blank white screen. We haven’t made any updates. I’ve already spoken with InMotion and they have done all the troubleshooting they can and the site is still not working.

    Can you please help?


    Jesse Owens

    Hello Gerry-

    Thanks for reaching out, we’ll do our best to help you get your client’s site back up and running.

    I’m not seeing the same issues that you are, but I do see some problems. When I visit the site, I can load the front page and it seems to be normal, but all of the other pages in the menu lead to a 404 (not a white screen).

    Generally speaking, when you see a “White Screen of Death,” the first thing that you should do is enable WordPress debug mode, debug log, and debug display.

    If you’re not seeing a true “white screen of death” but instead the same 404 errors that I’m seeing, the most common thing to do in that case is to refresh your permalinks. You should also check the site’s .htaccess file to make sure it includes the Basic WordPress Htaccess Rules.

    Since you use one of our Premium WordPress Hosting partners, InMotion, you can also take advantage of our Premium Support service as well, if you’d like us to try and take a closer look for you.


    I do see the homescreen is now up and running, but the other pages are still white. Yes, please continue to look into this a bit closer and help fix it.

    Brandon C

    Hi Gerry,
    Sure we can look into this for you. All you need to do is follow this link for Premium Support.  You’ll receive private 1-on-1 support free of charge because you use InMotion Hosting, one of our Premium WordPress Hosting partners.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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