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    William P Thorpe

    I have Total Upkeep installed and have configured my Google Drive for remote backup storage.  However, it appears that I need to upload each backup manually to the Drive.  Is this correct?  I am backing up my website each day at 1am and keeping 7 total backups before overwriting.  Isn’t there some auto-upload feature??  Otherwise I have to upload each backup every day??


    Brad Markle

    Hi Bill,

    There are two ways to upload your WordPress backups to Google Drive. You can do a manual backup, or you can schedule an automated backup. It looks like you already know how to do a manual backup, a scheduled backup is not much harder.

    To configure scheduled backups start off by going to Total Upkeep > Settings. On the Backup Schedule tab make sure you have days of the week selected, and a time of the day selected. Click the Backup Storage tab. Under backup storage, select Google Drive. Then at the bottom click save changes. That’s it! you have backups scheduled and they will automatically upload to Google Drive.

    I created a video that walks through this:

    We’re here to help if you have any further questions.

    – Brad

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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