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    How do I change my text orientation from left to right or center?
    I saw something which SHOULD have done that after all the little icon things on
    the page are pretty easy to click. But it didn’t do anything.
    Thank you.

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Bryan-

    When you’re using the Left/Center/Right justify buttons, make sure that your cursor is inside the paragraph or element that you’re trying to change:

    Changing text justification in the Post and Page Builder

    Angelina Heard

    Thanks – but there doesn’t seem to be a justify option? Please can you help? Is there a keyboard shortcut I can use instead?

    Joseph W

    Hi Angelina!

    The Visual Editor only has alignment options for Left/Right/Center and does not offer a selection for Justify like in many word processors do.

    There is however a way to Justify text in the editor using Custom CSS and the Custom CSS classes option in the Advanced controls for your page content.

    First, add the following rule to the Custom CSS area of your website Customizer:

    .justify {
        text-align: justify !important;

    Next, open the Advanced Controls for the element you want to justify the text for and select the Custom CSS Classes option. Put justify in the Classes field and save the changes on your page.

    Hopefully this technique allows you to Justify the text you need on your website and please let us know if you have any other questions for us!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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