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    All of a sudden I’m unable to move around photos (sort) when I edit a photo gallery. I’ve tried on multiple browser and it’s all the same. Please help!

    Brandon C

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for reaching out and thanks for using Crio Pro WordPress theme!

    Often times when issues suddenly arise it’s tied to another recent change on the site. Have you recently installed or deactivated any plugins? You sometimes noticed these issues after an update or they could also indicate the need to update. Did you notice the issue after updating your Crio theme, a plugin, or WordPress itself?

    If you can you send us the URL to the gallery page you’re having trouble with, it’s possible we can inspect the page and find some clues as to why this is happening.

    I hopes this helps! We look forward to assisting you further with this if need be.

    Randy Williams

    Thanks for the response. This other response landed in my email today and fixed it:

    Thank you for contacting us!

    There recently was a bug introduced into the WordPress core that was preventing the drag and drop features of galleries from working as expected ( The WordPress team was able to find a solution for the issue and the fix is included in the 5.9.1 release, so the gallery drag features should return to normal once you update your WordPress core files.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions for us, we are always happy to help!

    Brandon C

    That’s awesome Randy! It looks like the WordPress update was the culprit. I’m happy to hear you were able to get this resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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