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    Hey, I have activated the WebP Image Converter but the Convert All Images button remains grayed out and no Convert button appears in the media library.

    Plugins, theme, and settings are the same as on some of my other sites and everything works fine there.
    No PHP Errors and no Errors in Webconsole.
    Any ideas what the problem could be?

    Media Gallery
    WebP Converter Settings

    Best regards,

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    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello Florian,

    Thank you for reacing our and I am happy to help!
    Can you plaese ahre the W3 Total Cache version you are curretnly using?
    This is not specificaly related to the plugins, and theme, but mostly to the server and server resources.
    Can you please inspect the soruce, and check the network tab once the Conver all button is clicked, and see if there are any 404 ajax requests?
    Additionaly please check the PHP allowed memory size.

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    Hey Marko, thanks for your Reply.

    I use W3 Total Cache version 2.7.0.
    The memory limit in Plesk is 256M for the websites.

    I cannot click the Convert All button because it is disabled.
    Even if I make the button clickable via the source code, the button is missing the corresponding event so that it does not make any ajay requests.

    I now have the same problem on a second page with the same plugin/themes etc.
    In the second installation I can only convert a few images in the media library.

    So far I have tried to deactivate plugins and use a standard theme. I have also completely removed W3 Total Cache from the WordPress installation and reinstalled it. Nothing has changed the result so far.

    Any ideas what else I could do?

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