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    I’m using the hydra theme and it seems the font field color is white thus users unable to see what they type . it is effecting :

    Registration , contaxt us forms checkout qty .


    Please advice . thank you


    Hello Psycedelic77,

    Thank you for your question regarding your font color in typing fields using the Hydra theme.  I was able to install a current version of the Hydra theme and did not see the issue you described.  You may wish to update your BoldGrid installation, BoldGrid themes, as well as WordPress, and try adjusting your theme colors with the BoldGrid customizer if the update does not help.


    Casey B.


    Hi Casey ,

    Thank you for your reply . That was what I specifically did to have the latest version to 1.3 and latest WordPress version version 4.7.2

    The customised color is based on theme but it doesn’t change user input font when typing in the respective fields .

    So what would be my next step now ? Users can’t see what they have typed ..period .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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