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    hi, I am a premium customer I pay 90 dollars a year. with the latest update of W3 total chache my logo is no longer visible on the site but only the name appears instead of the image. I tried to make various changes without conclusions. currently the plugin I have disabled it because only in this way the logo is visible. if you don’t help me solve the problem, unfortunately, I will be forced to suspend my subscription. info email: [redacted] thanks

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Pietro-

    Since the plugin is disabled right now, it’s tough to say exactly what went wrong with your logo. My first guess would be that it might have been an issue with Lazy Loading.

    You can test this out by adding your logo’s classes to the Exclude Words list on your Performance > User Experience menu. Paste these two lines into the Exclude Words:


    Keep in mind that as a Pro Subscriber, you’re also able to access premium support directly from your plugin menu at Performance > Support if you have any more issues.


    Jesse Owens
    Hi. no way.  I did all the impossible and imaginable tests .. I worked all night.  the logo visibility problem is solved only when browser cache is disabled.  I am confident in a future plugin update that maybe it will solve this problem.  (maybe other users have this problem too) maybe they haven’t noticed it yet.  thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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