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    Hi Jesse

    I just added another item(in person help) to the main menu of my website. This caused the menu items to wrap to a second line. I wouild like to do two things:

    1. Make in one line
    2. Move the line down so it is in line with the title of the site on the left.



    Jesse Owens

    Hello Lee-

    Thanks for reaching out! In the Evolv theme that you’re using, the header area widths are hard-coded, but you can fix this with a little bit of custom CSS and JavaScript code. If you’re interested in getting full control over your header styles without using any code, I recommend checking out our newest theme, the Crio WordPress SuperTheme.

    First, in order to get your menu to line up vertically with your logo, you’ll need one line of Custom CSS. Navigate to Customize > Advanced > Custom JS & CSS and paste this line into your Custom Theme CSS:

    nav#site-navigation { margin-top: 21px; }

    21 pixels will match the margin on your logo.

    Next, to adjust the widths, you’ll use the Custom Theme JS field to add two lines of JavaScript:


    Pefect!!! Thanks Jesse

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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