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    Our website,, uses the “Hydra” theme. Looks great on a large screen, but please take a look at it with a phone or tablet. When you open the “hamburger” menu, the elements are all over the place. Sort of centered, but then the ones with submenus are off-center, making the whole thing look like an error. Also, when you open a submenu, the font size is different from the top menus. It’s just a mess. (I had this problem with the “Uptempo” theme too.)

    This menu would look WAY better just left-aligned, and maybe with some bottom borders to separate the selections. And then indent the submenu items for readability.

    I tried to adjust the display with some custom CSS but I’m over my head with this one.  Can you coding wizards take a look please? Thanks so much.


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    Hello Connie!

    Thanks for posting your question regarding the format of the menus and submenus when using the Hydra (and Uptempo) Inspirations in BoldGrid. Unfortunately, I am unaware of a way to modify the CSS to accommodate your request. I recommend signing up at BoldGrid Feature Request Portal and submitting your feedback to the developers of the themes as I’m unable to provide a solution to reformat the menus and submenus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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