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    I used Total Upkeep to transfer a website to another folder on my webserver. The process was very easy and straightforward. Great job!

    However, after the transfer, I can’t access my original website, I am automatically redirected to the new one, how can I stop this and access to my old website please? It is no longer public as well…

    I also have issues with the Google fonts who seems to not want to load as usual.

    I checked the htaccess file in the original website, but there wasn’t any suspect modification there.

    Thanks in advance for your answer, I was just testing the feature and don’t want to change the URL I communicated to my client. In the meantime, I have just recreated the website from scratch as I didn’t want to lose time but I was just wondering if it was a common issue or not.

    Best regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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