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    I have W3TC pro and I am having trouble setting up a mysql cluster through W3tc.

    I got the dbcluster-config.php, added to it my setup (one master and one slave) and finally renamed it to db-cluster-config.php and placed it in wp-content. The changes are not being reflected. Any idea why that is?

    I have version 2.1.1



    Hello tao,

    Once the example config ini/dbcluster-config-sample.php is edited and placed to /wp-content/db-cluster-config.php – it starts to work
    After that, you will find an area inside the Database Cache box on the General Settings page. Click ‘Enable database cluster’ to enable the functionality.


    I remember replying to this but I cannot see my reply.

    Anyways, I applied what you mentioned and even tried to put the cluster config file in the same directory as wp-config as mine is not in wp content and both ways did not show the section you mentioned.

    I am on version 2.1.1

    Could you please help? this feature is much needed to spread db load


    I tried this, it did not work. My wp config file is one level above wp-content so I tried to put it there too, also did not work. I am on version 2.1.1

    Could you please let me know what could be wrong?


    Hello, tao.

    Thank you for the info.
    Are you on a single-blog setup? Because in that case, that button doesn’t appear there.
    It should work if the file is placed in WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/db-cluster-config.php’.
    there should be a DB cluster word in the footer comment


    Hi thanks for your response,

    By single blog you mean not multisite? if so, yes, this is a single blog not a multisite setup

    I placed it in wp-content and I still dont see anything about it in W3TC UI. Could you please elaborate what is the footer comment? which page?

    This feature is very important to me to spread load on 2 db servers. I am also using db and page caching from w3tc.


    Hello, tao,

    As I mentioned before, the button does not appear there in the single-blog setups so that is why you are not seeing this and this is going to be fixed in future relases.
    The DB cluster word comment should be in the HTML snippet when you inspect the source.
    It would help if you would share your website URL.


    Hi again,

    From what I understand from you, the feature is not usable for a single blog at the moment. I tried inspecting code to find anything and nothing is there.

    Do you have any idea what can i use to share db load on multiple instances ? Since i read in other threads that its not good to use w3tc db caching with something like hyperdb,yes ?


    Hello tao,

    You can use hyperdb however make sure that the W3TC database cache is disabled to avoid any conflict.

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