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    There is an issue with the text background on my page titles.  If they wrap to 2 lines the background of the text overlaps the text from the previous line.

    My lone attempt fix was to set the background to the .entry-title to transparent.  No luck.

    Image included to show issue.  Theme is Venetian.


    Hello Darren,
    Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your title overlapping. I see that this is a CSS issue and have put in a fic request with the development team.

    From an SEO standpoint, you will be fine, and maybe even better off, to shorten the title to “Save Money on Your Next Cruise”. “McCombs Travel” is already in your URL the header,  and I assume the text of the page so Google will automatically make that connection for you. The shorter title can also help you if someone does a more general search, not mentioning any specific company. Also, you do not want to mention a keyword too often as it can be seen as ‘keyword stuffing’ and possibly work against you, especially with H1 headers as they are given more weight than normal text. SEO is not an exact science,however and we are only speaking from our own experience and analysis.

    In any case, the fix request has been submitted so the dev team will have a fix out in the near future.

    Kindest Regards,
    Scott M


    3 years and this is still an issue?  I’m brand new to boldgrid and this is happening on every heading of every post. It’s worse On Mobile.  Any fixes in store for this?

    Jesse Owens

    Hello Jim-

    The exact fix for this will vary slightly depending on which theme and font size you’re using. If you’re using Venetian like the original poster, navigate to Customize > Advanced > Custom JS & CSS and paste this code into your Custom Theme CSS

    h1:not(.site-title) { line-height: 1.6; }

    If you’re using a custom font size, you may need to adjust the value 1.6 until it looks right for your font choice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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