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    I’m running w3 total cache pro on dreamhost dreampress plus. We’ve disabled all CDN and caching from Jetpack, and we are using cloudflare free. After installing w3 total cache our pagespeed insights scores went down from the mid 70s to the 5-10 range.

    Any suggestions? Does anyone have any experience using w3 total cache on dreamhost dreampress?

    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello KLC,

    I can see that you are using Cloudflare and Autoptimize, however, I do not see traces of W3 Total Cache.
    If you are using W3 Total Cache, make sure that Minify is disabled since you are also using AO and Cloudflare. Also, make sure that Cloudflare Minify is disabled since AO is handling this.
    NOw when it comes to Google Page speed suggestions, They are related to the plugin you are using to Minify the assets, so in order to eliminate render-blocking resources, you need to address this to Autoptimize support.
    Removing unused JS/CSS cannot be done by any plugin. This is because the theme you are using and the plugins you are using are loading js/CSS files on all pages and not just the pages intended.
    Also, you might want to pay a bit more and use Stackpath Full site delivery instead of the Cloudflare free plan. I’ve also found this article which may help you with the configuration.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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