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    thomas devick

    Bold Grid will not open my pages or posts for editing.

    The BoldGrid logo just keep blicking on my posts and pages That I want to edit.

    This has been happening for the last 2 to three days.

    I need to edit some pages and quickly.

    Please Help.

    Thomas Devick

    Brandon C

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for reaching out with your BoldGrid Post and Page Builder for WordPress questions.

    I see you have a premium ticket in for this same issue if the steps below do not help to fix the issue we’ve requested temporary access to login to your site and try to directly address the problem on your behalf. You’d just need to respond to your premium thread to continue that process.

    “The first thing I would try is to run any available updates on your website to see if that fixes the problem you are experiencing. It could be that there is some kind of incompatibility created by the outdates files and running the updates should correct these issues.

    If the updates do not fix the problem, or there are no updates to run, then the error could be generated by a conflict with another plugin on your website. To test for a plugin conflict, temporarily deactivate all non-BoldGrid plugins and then check the page editing tools to see if they load as expected. If the controls start working again, reactivate your other plugins one by one to find out which plugin is responsible for generating the conflict with the Post and Page Builder.”

    I hope we can help you to get this resolved quickly Thomas. We look forward to your response in our premium support forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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