Neely PTO Novice Web Admin (anonymous)

I have gone in circles with my hosting provider and have gotten responses from time-outs to plug in mismatches to caching issues. None of these have fixed anything. I am a novice, a mom, and just trying to run a PTO website for the parents in my school.

About a week ago, I posted a new blog post to my school’s PTO site as I have done many times before. I needed to make one edit. When I tried, I got a 500 error.

The first answer I was given was conflicting page/post builders. This is not the case as disabling one does not make the one I need work. VFB Pro is not a page builder although it can create posts from data entered into a form if needed. I do not use that option. The broken plug in is BoldGrid’s page and post builder.

Second call to support was for BoldGrid to look into it. The reply I got was that there was a plugin with an incorrect file path and several permission errors. They resolved those and it appeared all was well. I could at least view the page to make edits. However, upon saving/publishing the edits, the 500 error returned. The edits were published.

Third call, maybe it is malware. Ran a scan and none found. Moving from PHP 7.0 to 5.6 temporarily resolved the issue. Also, the max execution time was not long enough. They adjusted that and put me back on PHP 7.0. All was well for a couple of days. I was able to edit and create pages and posts without a problem.

Today, I had one more edit to make to a page because of new information. I was able to update it just fine. I realized I didn’t have it in a menu so I opened a new tab with the Customize plug in and added the page to my main menu.

I went back to the page I had just edited when I noticed a broken link. I got the 500 error. The response this time was high CPU usage from WordFence, too many plug ins, along with a lack of caching. I am running the free version of WP fastest Cache and have been for some time. I purged a couple of not often used plugins, leaving me with 32, of which 7 are boldgrid, and 6 are the VFB Pro mentioned above.

The only other thing related to this disaster is where it MAY have started. I was reviewing plugins on my site, trying to clean it up a little. I saw boldgrid editor had been deactivated. I clicked activate and was taken to a screen saying editor had been replaced with Page and Post builder and I could delete Boldgrid editor. I did. My issues started shortly afterwards.

I had a downloaded version of editor that I tried reinstalling, deleting page and post builder, and reinstalling that to see if it was a code writing error. No luck.

None of this makes any sense. I am happy to share my list of plugins, anything else with someone who can help. According to the host, the site is throwing off errors about plugin issues. It doesn’t matter which plug in it is. When I deactivate the one it lists, it just picks another one, seemingly at random.

Please help. We are facing a teacher walk out and need a way outside of school channels to communicate with members of our school.

Thank you,