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    JohnPaul B

    You can add the “Call to Action” back by going to Customize and choosing your Active or Staging site. Then select the Widgets area, then the specific widget you want to add the “Call to Action” to. Click the +Add a Widget link, and choose the “Visual Editor” option. Then customize it as needed.


    I’m not seeing the “Call to Action” widget in my list of widgets. I’ve checked that the template on the Home page is “Home.” It is set correctly.  I’d include a screen capture if there was a way to do that.

    I have “Above Primary Navigation”, “Right Below Navigation”, “Footer Center”

    Any ideas?


    I did the very same thing with the Call to Action widget in the Hydra theme, inadvertently deleted it from the Customize widgets area when I just meant to delete it from one area of the home page. Now I don’t have the Call to Action widget at all on the list of widgets for the theme, same as you.

    So I’m wondering if you found a fix?


    The “Call to Action” occupies a widget area, but it is actually a “Visual Editor” widget. As JohnPaul wrote above, you can add a visual editor widget and customize as necessary. Alternatively, re-installing the Pavilion theme in staging would bring back the original Call to Action.


    I inadvertently deleted the Call To Action widget on the front page of the Pavilion theme. I’d like to replace it. I can’t find the instructions on how to add the widget back.

    When I add a text widget above the primary menu, I get a plain white box with text, including the title text. I’d like the widget to be right justified and about 1/3 page – transparent if possible. I don’t need the title displaying in the widget.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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