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    Winton Felt

    I have a new account with inmotion hosting. The theme I am using is “Ephemeris” The builder is Boldgrid.

    In the Customize” section of the dashboard I can see the left-side vertical menu I want installed. I want the menu displayed on all pages. I have hesitated to publish the site because the menu does not appear on the one page I have published, the “Home” page.

    There is a message at the top of the menu that reads “The SideMenu has opened because you are signed in as a administrator. You need to add a button to open the SideMenu on this page by adding a menu item or by using a [sidemenu] shortcode.” This message appears on all 23 themes I have tried, so it is not an issue specific to a single theme or developer. The wording is always identical, so I assume it is a BoldGrid issue. I do not know how to do what the message is suggesting I do. When I click on the link, nothing happens. The menu already has 35 items on it so I do not see how adding another item will help. If there is code I need to enter, please give precise instructions. If it is CSS, for example, let me know how to get there and every step of the procedure. I am a dunce, and a confused one at that.

    I have installed plugins to try to fix the side-menu problem, but have not had success. I want the menu to start under the header and on the left side.

    When you visit the site click on “Home” and you will see that the menu does not appear.
    Also, the header image does not show. Instead, I see the site title. I have unchecked the “Title” box in the “Customize” Menu, but it appears anyway.

    Basically, I want the Header image to show with the menu under it on the left side.

    Can you fix this? How much will it cost me?

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Winton-

    After doing a little digging, it looks like the message you’re seeing is actually coming from the SideMenu Plugin. This is a new plugin for me (it’s only in use on about 200 websites), but the plugin developer has released a video tutorial on how to use the plugin:

    Basically, the message is indicating that you haven’t set up a button or menu item that opens the side menu. The plugin author demonstrates how to do that at about the 0:50 mark in that video.

    Similarly, the Ephemeris theme isn’t a BoldGrid theme, so I can’t say for sure why your logo image isn’t displaying, but I did try it out on Cloud WordPress and when I added a logo image it did work for me. Ephemeris has a really good track record of resolving all of their Support Forum Questions, so it might be worth reaching out to them to see if they can help you out more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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