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    I just installed the Soledad Theme a few days ago, and today is the first time I’m writing a new post with this new theme. I decided to make my new post in a different post format, only to find out that the Post Format Data UI on the New/Edit post page (with Post and Page Builder active) isn’t working.

    I went on to Soledad Theme support and they asked me to check if there’s any incompatible plugin. As instructed, I deactivated all plugins except the ones that came with the Soledad Theme. And when I did, I found that the Post and Page Builder plugin was the one causing the error. However, when I deactivated this, my single post layout is ruined. When I visit the posts I currently have on my blog, the blog text area widens and conflicts with the right sidebar. When I reactivate the said plugin though, everything goes back to normal. Is there a way that I can have the Post Format UI to work (the name of this plugin is Vafpress Post Formats UI) and at the same time, make sure that my post layout doesn’t get ruined?

    Jesse Owens

    Hello Kamile-

    Thanks for reaching out. We make a lot of effort to ensure that the Post and Page Builder is compatible with a wide range of themes and plugins.

    Fof Vafpress Post Formats UI, it’s tough to troubleshoot because the only copy of the plugin I could find hasn’t had updates in about 7 years, and I suspect it isn’t the same as the one that’s being distributed with Soledad now. I did try to reach out to PenciDesign to obtain a copy of the plugin so we could try to test it and find a solution, but they do not allow submissions to their support forum unless a purchase receipt is provided.

    From what you’ve described, P&PB and Post Formats UI can’t both be used at the same time to edit a post, but you need P&PB to be active so that you can maintain the posts you’ve already created. You may be able to accomplish this by setting the default editor for new blog posts to a different editor. Navigate to Post and Page Builder > Settings and choose either WordPress Editor or Classic Editor for Posts.


    Hi Jesse! Thanks for replying. Yes, I was really having a hard time troubleshooting this yesterday because I wanted to use both P&PB and Post Format. After about an hour, I found a work around. With the P&PB deactivated, I looked at the New/Edit Post page (now using Classic Editor) and noticed that P&PB automatically adds a div layer to the HTML code that I hadn’t noticed because I always stick to the Visual Editor. I deleted the div layer for every post (thankfully my blog is brand new) and it worked perfectly!

    I’m still bummed that I can’t use both P&PB and Post Format, but this will do for now. Hopefully the Vafpress plugin gets updated and becomes compatible with P&PB.

    Thanks again, Jesse!

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