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    arnolfo santoro

    Bold Grid editor does not show the page as it looks in the preview. I cannot edit a theme page if nothing in the editor is positioned like the actual page. Is this how Bold Grid works?

    Brandon C

    Hi Arnolfo,

    Thank you for your question and thanks for using BoldGrid Post and Page Builder for WordPress!

    I suspect your problem is due to compatibility issues with your theme “Sinclair” and the Post and Page builder plugin itself. It’s possible that some global CSS is selected in both products causing some elements to clash in your page editor.

    Did you notice this error after a theme or plugin update? If that’s the case it may be possible to use a plugin like WP Rollback to restore functionality.

    Post and Page builder is 100% compatible with our BoldGrid themes and as a DreamHost customer you have access to Crio Pro WordPress theme, our flagship WordPress product that integrates seamlessly with Post and Page builder and is fully supported in house by the BoldGrid product development team. Crio Pro is fully customizable and comes out of the box with over 400 features.

    While it’s not always possible to completely change your WordPress theme this solution may help make things easier for you in the long run. I hope one of these solutions helps.

    Please reach back out to us if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

    arnolfo santoro

    I replied in email but will reply here to keep the conversation public.

    “Did you notice this error after a theme or plugin update?”
    No, the error was immediate following the install of the theme and its related plugins.

    I sent a few images of what I am seeing in the visual editor. The visual editor BoldGrid does not show the entire page and what it does show is a discombobulated preview of the page. Items are not where they should be and it looks like a complete error.

    I purchased the Sinclair theme as it stated it came with the included page editor. However, it is useless at the moment. I can only edit in WP Blocks, which as you know very limited and clunky, and difficult. I cannot just replace the theme with another as it is what my client purchased and wants me to customize.

    I also noticed that if I edit in WP Block and then try later to edit in BoldGrid, the page is self deconstruct if I must go back and edit in WP Blocks. I assume that is because it can only use one editor or the other?

    I am at a loss as how to proceed.

    Brandon C

    Hi Arnolfo,

    I do understand your situation. BoldGrid Post and Page Builder for WordPress has gone through many changes with recent updates. New features have been added such as “Full Screen Editing” and new block controls. Being that Sinclair is not one of our supported themes there is no way that we can guarantee its functionality with our page builder.

    Many WordPress theme builders purchase licenses and use our page builder as an added feature in their themes, but it’s totally up to the developer of the theme to stay up to date with Post & Page Builder and WordPress’s guidelines and updates.

    At this point the best thing to do is reach out to the developer of Sinclair directly and ask them for help with the editor styling relating to Post & Page builder. Also, we don’t recommended running two page builder plugins like WP Blocks and Post & Page Builder at the same time. The page builders are built differently and elements and functionality is not likely to migrate over properly from builder to builder.

    I hope this helps. We’re always here if you have any other questions.



    You are right. Two builders as opposed to one. I had thought Bold Grid was the builder that shipped with Sinclair, and that the odd modules inside (Grimlock-never heard of) were just add-on like a slider moduals. Dreamhost had added the BoldGrid and by the time I opened the WP site it was all loaded.

    I’ve turned off Bold Grid for now since the other builder (or modules) are throughout the site. It’s a shame ’cause I really was looking forward to trying out BoldGrid. Next time.

    Thanks for your time and assistance.


    Brandon C

    Sure Arnolfo,

    So happy I was able to help! Being that you’re a DreamHost customer you will always have access to our premium webpage builder free of charge. We will always be here to help if you ever do decide to use the post and Page builder on your projects.

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