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    Hi Total Upkeep

    When going to a backup and clicking View Details and then Upload to upload to Google Drive, it fails. Can you suggest any troubleshooting steps? I can provide logs if helpful. Drive storage has enough space for the backup, and it says it is successfully set up in the Settings.


    Brandon C

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you’re having problems uploading your Total Upkeep backups to Google Drive. When sending your Total Upkeep backups to Google Drive. You want to make sure the box is checked for Google Drive storage from the Total Upkeep -> Settings -> Backup Storage section.

    We have some questions for you so that we can begin troubleshooting:

    1.) Is this your first time attempting to send a backup to Google Drive using Total Upkeep? If not when was the last time you were successfully able to complete a transfer?

    2.) If this is not your first time attempting to send a backup to Google Drive did you first experience this error? Was it after making a change to your WordPress site such as, updating your PHP version, core WordPress version, or Total Upkeep/Total Upkeep Premium plugins etc?

    3.) Could you please allow us review your backup logs? You can copy/paste them using a PasteBin and create a link and share it with us here in the thread.

    Thanks Will, we’re looking forward to helping you to get this up and running quickly!


    Hi Brandon! Nice to see you again. Thanks for the help.

    0) Box is checked, Authorized and Configured.

    1) No, this was not the first time. May 13, 2023 is the last Google Drive backup to have properly uploaded.

    2) I don’t remember when this error first occurred. Just recently noticed that all our backups are only on Web Server, so I tried to manually push one of them to Google Drive. This was when I first noticed the error.

    3) PasteBins:

    Brandon C

    Hey Will!

    Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and removed the PasteBins being that this forum is public facing and we already have a private ticket in it’s no use in risking sharing any sensitive data.

    We already have your logs in premium so we’ll review them and continue the contact there just to keep everything in one place. You should expect to hear from us soon!

    Thanks for working with us on this Will!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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