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    Joseph Kohn

    W3 Total Cache ERRORS 12/4/2022 WAO Website

    To Webhero – 1/3 Support Ticket #26029 for

    This is the First of 3 issues (I am creating 3 separate Support Tickets to address these issues):

    1) PLEASE Restore Website to 12/3/2022 backup if you have one, or the latest backup you have up to 12/3-4. The most recent backup I have is 11/2/2022, and I recall I had more subscribers on 12/3-4 than the 11/2 backup. I would like to recover the lost users/subscribers.

    To Webhero – 2/3 Support Ticket #26030 for

    The Reason

    This is the Second of 3 issues (I am creating 3 separate Support Tickets to address these issues):

    2) PLEASE Restore the missing image on this page:
    Idk what happened to the image, but it happened during the events described below. The audio is present without the static image. The original image can be found here:
    Idk if “properly” restoring a more recent backup will fix this issue.

    To Webhero – 3/3 Support Ticket #26031 for

    This is the Third of 3 issues (I am creating 3 separate Support Tickets to address these issues):

    3) PLEASE update the “Outdated SQL server” as recommended in the “Site Health Status” report. Idk if this is the cause of the errors or not.
    Which, if any, caching apps/plugins do you recommend for my website?


    On Sunday 12/4/2022 I reviewed my dashboard and “Site Health” alerted me (and still does) that, “Page cache is not detected and the server response time is slow”.
    I reviewed possible solutions and chose to install and activate “W3 Total Cache (W3TC)”. The installation and activation was successful, but I immediately discovered NEW ERRORS in my website.
    Specifically NONE OF THE LINKS FOR “MENU 1” WERE FUNCTIONAL. They, the Menu 1 links, were completely unresponsive. I will report this to the “W3 Total Cache [W3TC]” developers also, if I can find contact information for them.

    I fixed the nonfunctional Menu 1 links by:
    1) Inactivating and then Deleting the W3TC plugin
    2) Restoring the most recent UpdraftPlus Backup (11/2/2022). I received multiple error messages restoring the backup, and I have screenshots to send you if needed.

    I hope this information is useful to you and that maybe you can tell me what I have done wrong, how you can help, what I can do, or if my website is just not compatible with W3TC. I was excited to use your product until these problems occurred.
    Thank you for your very kind attention,

    Joseph (OoTS) Kohn

    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello Joseph,

    Thank you for reaching out and I am happy to assist you with this.
    First of all, if you encounter any issues with the W3 Total Cache, you do not need to restore a backup, you just need to disable specific settings, save all settings and purge the cache and see which setting in Performance>General settings may be causing the problem.
    For example, If you have Page Caching, Minify, Lazyload, and Object Cache enabled, one of these settings may be causing the problem you are referring to. When it comes to images it may be Lazyload or Minify (depending on how the image was embedded), and as for the header, Minify is an obvious reason.
    Since you have not shared which settings you had enabled before removing W3 Total Cache, I am unable to provide any precise information on what may be causing the problem.
    I would advise you to re-install W3 Total Cache, enable the settings one by one, save all settings, and purge the cache after each setting is enabled, (checking the website after every setting is enabled).

    I hope this helps!


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