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    Re: W3 Total Cache Pro – Version 0.15.1


    After the last update the cron job for the hook “w3_pgcache_prime” keeps de-registering form the cron events table. If I uncheck the cache priming option save it and then re-enable the cache priming option it will get registered correctly in schedule table and events but then it is removed.

    See below

    sudo -u daemon wp cron schedule list|grep w3

    w3_cdn_cron_queue_process [W3TC] CDN queue process (disabled) 0
    w3_cdn_cron_upload [W3TC] CDN auto upload (disabled) 0
    w3_dbcache_cleanup [W3TC] Database Cache file GC (disabled) 0
    w3_pgcache_prime [W3TC] Page Cache prime (every 900 seconds) 900
    w3_objectcache_cleanup [W3TC] Object Cache file GC (every 3600 seconds) 3600
    w3_pgcache_cleanup [W3TC] Page Cache file GC (every 3600 seconds) 3600
    w3_fragmentcache_cleanup [W3TC] Fragment Cache file GC (every 3600 seconds) 3600
    w3_minify_cleanup [W3TC] Minify file GC (every 86400 seconds) 86400

    sudo -u daemon wp cron event list|grep w3

    w3_fragmentcache_cleanup 2020-11-04 18:55:10 1 minute 26 seconds 1 hour
    w3_pgcache_cleanup 2020-11-04 19:05:47 12 minutes 3 seconds 1 hour
    w3_objectcache_cleanup 2020-11-04 19:10:11 16 minutes 27 seconds 1 hour
    w3_minify_cleanup 2020-11-04 20:05:47 1 hour 12 minutes 1 day

    Joseph W

    Hi Ian,

    One possible explanation for the missing page cache cron job could be the scheduler selected to maintain that script. WP_Cron is not the most reliable scheduler when it comes to handling cache priming and you might want to try using WP-CLI to handle this feature. Instead of invoking WP_Cron via crontab try calling it directly in WP-CLI with wp w3-total-cache pgcache_prime.

    Hopefully this solution helps you keep your page cache primed properly and please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help!

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