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    Monica Gandhi

    We have purchased the premium version of w3TC but it is not working as per the requirement. Also, we are not able to see where is our account?

    We made our website with a custom theme and all content is coming from custom fields of WordPress.

    Basically, it is removing semi-columns from the Javascript code.

    A) We are facing some issues when we enable CDN and JS minification mentioned below.

    We need you to help us in javascript minification over CDN,
    The issue is when CDN is Disabled then minified JS File works perfectly and when It’s enabled then it’s not working in the right way.

    check these

    main file on CDN
    after compression on cdn

    after minifying on cdn (not right), it removed semi columns from the file.

    minify without cdn (it is fine)

    Basically, CDN + JS minification is not working fine together, individually both are working fine. it is removing semi-columns from the Javascript code.

    B) We need the below services as well.

    1) varnish installation on apache2 with HTTPS support
    2) Full site delivery CDN services
    3) Fragment cache
    4) Another setting to speed up the website.

    C) Website details
    AWS EC2 T2 medium
    Cloudfront CDN
    Ubuntu 20.04 Apache2
    Lets encrypt SSL


    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello Monica,

    I’ve removed the details of your license since this is a public forum.
    Just to confirm, I’ve replied to the email you sent via the support channel couple of days ago, can you please confirm that you received the reply?
    Please make sure to contact us again if needed since you are a Pro user.

    I’ll answer your questions here also.

    I’ve checked your website and I can see that the Minified files are being served from the CDN. The semicolons are there. As you may know, removing the semicolons would break the JS file in most cases and as I can see there are no issues on your website.

    As for the other services, we are not offering 1 and 3 as a service.
    You can purchase an FSD CDN configuration in Performance>Support.
    As I can see from the test results, your website performance after the W3TC configuration looks great.
    lighthouse performance score

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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