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    Jeff Schmidtlein


    My website is down due to a critical error. WordPress support has told me it is due to my Crio theme. Can you help me determine what the issue is? If I cant use it anymore and need to switch to another, can I switch and keep all of my website data intact?

    Brandon C

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks so much for reaching out and thank you for using Crio Pro WordPress theme!

    Changing your theme can always be problematic because each WordPress theme is structured differently and has it’s own native functionalities. It’s quite possible that you could lose or have to reformat content that you’ve already created if you choose to switch themes.

    I inspected your website and I can’t say that I’m exactly sure that this issue is being caused by your Crio theme. Are you able to access the “Admin” area of your WordPress site? If so can you make sure that your WordPress core application, as well as, Crio theme, and Post and Page builder plugin are all up to date. Your error could be related to a version clash in on of your core applications.

    In order to better assist you from our end we need a bit more information about this issue. Could you please enable debugging on your website so that we can review your error logs? Be sure to also enable define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true ); as well so that we can review all off-screen error notices.

    I hope this helps! We look forward to assisting you further with this.

    Jeff Schmidtlein

    I’ve confirmed all updates to plugins have been made and I Have the latest WordPress version. As far as enabling debugging, when I click on Advanced COntrols, it prompts me to signup for a premium plan. I was under the impression I had a premium account through my Dreamhost/Wordpress account. WHat should I do now?

    Jeff Schmidtlein

    I’ve updated everything, but still am not seeing where my premium key is to enter or how to access error logs as you suggested?

    Jeff Schmidtlein

    It shows I have a premium connect key (bda2fa8e-426e0276-172aaa21-0bea3283) so does that give me premium support? WHen I clicked on it, it again prompted me to sign up for a plan. And under my connect keys section, it doesn’t show my website is connected. How do I connect my site to the premium key? Upon google search, it says to do so when downloading the Boldgrid API plugin, but when I search for it, it does not come up.

    Jeff Schmidtlein

    Hello, I chatted with Dreamhost and they said they have enabled debugging on the site. Below is our conversation if it helps:

    Gilberto LThank you so much for your patience. I do see fatal errors related to the Crio theme in the logs/
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)ok is there anything you can do on your end? Or is it something only Boldgrid support can

    Gilberto LWhen we see these kinds of errors, we always suggest to check updates on the theme, php version, and contact the theme developer, since they requested the wp debug function, I have already activated it on your site, this is accessible via SSH.
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)so are they able to access it or do i need to send them something?

    Gilberto LI think they will ask you to access the logs and send them to them, you can see the steps here.

    But the file should be accessible via FTP it will be in the wp-content folder.
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)what is FTP? Or how do I get to the wp-content folder?

    Gilberto LFrom here.!/site/

    Click on the manage button, next to files, that is FTP, you will the se wp-content there.
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)Ok I see “Manage Your Site” then “Manage Files SFTP” is that where I go?

    Gilberto L

    Click on the manage button.
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)ok..what will the file name be?

    Gilberto LIt is debug.log
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)I am not seeing that in the list

    I do see a logs folder but that isnt in it

    Gilberto LThe file is inside the wp-content folder, but will not be created until there is a WordPress error that will be logged to the file.
    Jeff Schmidtlein (jefsch134)Sorry I am not experienced with any of this stuff. So what do I need to do to get access to the log file to send to them.

    Gilberto LYou have access to the file, it is just not there yet, when they start troubleshooting, they will ask you for the log, the log is inside the wp-content folder, you can access the files as we just did, using the mange button, and then send the file to them.

    Brandon C

    Thanks Jeff!

    I think this may be the result of a certain plugin clashing with your Crio theme. You mentioned that you still had access to your WordPress Dashboard. Could you log in and navigate to the Plugins section and switch off all non-BoldGrid plugins.

    I think this should bring your site back live, if so, you should go back and reactivate each plugin one by one, reloading your website after each activation, until you find the problematic plugin.

    Brandon C

    Also Jeff,

    You definitely have access to our Premium Support channel because your web host “DreamHost” is one of our Premium partners. If you’re having trouble accessing your premium support you should follow this guide to help you log in.

    Your BoldGrid Central login credentials should be exactly the same as the ones you use to log in to your DreamHost account.

    I hope this helps!

    Jeff Schmidtlein

    1. I have deactivated all plugins except all of the “Boldgrid” related ones and the website just shows a white page and nothing comes up. Any other ideas?

    2. On the premium support part; When I login to boldgrid central and select premium support, I get to the window that is attached. It still asks me to upgrade my premium. ANd on the main page it says at the top “GET PREMIUM
    Thanks for using our free BoldGrid services. Find out how a premium addon can improve your favorite BoldGrid products.” This is despite it showing I have a premium key.

    Jeff Schmidtlein

    Ok I figured out the premium support now, I had a different email registered with my account. So maybe they can help me through that. Or if you have any other ideas let me know.

    Brandon C

    Thanks Jeff,

    No worries, I see your ticket has has found it’s way to the premium queue. We look forward to assisting your further there!

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