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    Adam Ford

    Even after hiring a speed expert for my site, it is still loading too slowly on mobile.

    I’m looking at the W3 Total Cache performance audit, but there is almost no information on the product.

    Could I get some information from someone who has used the service regarding how comprehensive it is, because I’m not inclined to throw $150 at a firm based on the level of information that’s been provided. Need to know what the service consists of and ideally an assessment from someone in the know about whether I’m better off using this service or hiring another Freelancer?

    Many thanks.

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Adam-

    With a performance Audit, one of our W3 Total Cache experts will ask for login credentials to your website, as well as root credentials for your server if you have a private server.

    This will allow them to configure server-side caching options like Redis, Memcache, and reverse-proxy caching, as well as configure the plugin to work with your theme and plugins and CDN.

    For specific examples from your website, it looks like you’re loading two duplicate copies of the jQuery Library, and two duplicate copies of responsive.css. Our technician will be able to find out which plugin/theme functions are loading duplicate libraries and make the fixes for you.

    We’ll also combine and minify your JavaScript and CSS files to reduce individual server requests to as few as possible (you’re using over 150 requests right now).

    We’ll also make sure your images are optimized to reduce the overall page size. You’re running at almost 3MB right now.

    Finally, we’ll make detailed recommendations for further steps to take, if there are certain issues or features of your site that are causing the biggest delays in pageload times.

    I hope this answers your questions Adam, please let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to know before you take the plunge and order your Audit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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